The motivating relationships developed here between Trainer and Client raise one's experience from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary.
- Dominic Novak

539623_10151417478964417_1106440052_nDominic is the President, owner and lead trainer of Peak 360 Greenwich. He has been in the fitness industry, training clients for over 30 years. He started Peak Physique, Inc in 1992, which was the largest personal training center on the East Coast. He has now opened Peak 360 Greenwich. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Fitness from Springfield College. Dominic has trained athletes, celebrities and clients of all ages. His passion is guiding clients, helping them to reach their fitness goals with his steady persistence and tireless effort.

Dom is also an author of the book H.E.A.L. which is a 30 day Spirit, Mind, Body Cleanse. It is available on Amazon, Author House, or at Peak 360 Greenwich. He is also the creator of the AlignTM Posture Perfecting Program.



Working with Dom has been a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience. His holistic approach has allowed me to achieve my training goals and also provided insight into nutrition and wellness.¬†A stretching routine Dom suggested has significantly improved my flexibility and benefited my workout performance. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey!”
– Deb L.

Thank you so much for getting me in the best shape of my life. I have never had more fun working out. You are a true inspiration and I get so much more from you than the physical rewards. You set a great example for everyone on how to live life.Appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart.
– Eric K.

Dominic champions well being from the inside out, guides you to unite spirit, mind, & body… Indeed the best personal training is to be found at Peak.
– Franchesca B.