Sports Performance Institute

Peak Physique announced the opening of its Sports Performance Institute in the summer of 2008. A vital piece of equipment used in this program is the Makoto Arena. The Sports Performance Institute (Athletes from kids to teens to adults) targets kids, (8 years and up), teen athletes, on up through adult athletes. All will benefit from our intensive program. Motor skill enhancement, agility, quickness, foot work, calisthenics, speed, endurance, conditioning, strength, power and sports specific training. We are the only fitness center in the North East that has the Makoto Arena, (rigorously employed and highly regarded by professional sports teams across the country). Let us help your kid's coordination and your teen's athleticism!
Makoto Arena
Makoto Arena Makoto Arena
The Makoto Arena is used by many professional sports teams to help improve first step quickness and conditioning. It is used by clients at Peak Physique in the renowned Sports Performance Institute program.