Over the last three-plus years, hundreds and hundreds of participants have got into great shape with our intensive month-long Boot Camp program. We regularly see results mirroring the following: 20 pounds weight loss; 12 inches total lost in hips, thighs and abdomen; 6-8% body fat lost- all in one month!

Boot Camp is a four-week one-on-one exercise, nutrition, and massage therapy program. Our personal trainers will meet with you 5 days per week for 1 hour. They will execute each program with a time efficient and results oriented approach. Our exercise program is customized to meet the individuals goal. We utilize all the components of fitness including core and stability exercises, cardiovascular and conditioning exercises, strength and toning exercises, power and speed exercises, balance exercises, agility exercises and yoga and stretching exercises. Bands, balls, machines, free weights and body weight exercises will be utilized in the session. Any and all combinations will make up the 5 day per week program.

Our Registered Dietitian will meet with each participant 1 day per week for 3 weeks for 30 minutes to an hour. She will assist each participant with her expert knowledge of food combinations and menus. She will meet you at your grocery store of choice to help make things as easy as possible.

Our Massage Therapists will meet 1 time per month for 1 hour each visit. They will help to relax the muscles using various techniques. We have found that after the first and third weeks a deep tissue massage has many benefits including less aches and pains, as well as increased blood flow thus leading to increased energy levels.

Alex Schuessler
" I love getting back into all of this, after 10 years away, and I love now being able to work hard as I do. Your trainers are amazing – Justin especially is a great motivator and leader (though all three of them are). Please thank him for me, too. Boot Camp has been an inspiring program! "
Pam Lawrence:
"Boot Camp at Peak Physique was a great experience. The trainers, Csaba and Josh, were very knowledgable and motivating. With their help and encouragement as well as Angelas nutritional counseling, I feel stronger, have more energy, sleep much better, in addition to having lost weight, body fat and inches. I am thrilled to be back on track and look forward to continuing my progress at Peak Physique."
Amanda Gibbons Baer, Food Editor at Serendipity Magazine
" The Boot Camp Program at Peak Physique was an awesome way to kick start my fitness routine in 2010. I enjoyed the variety in the workouts with Ty and Vlad as well as the new experience of Gyrotonic with Alecia. Angela was insightful and understanding when it came to the nutrition. And a massage to cap it all off was the icing on the cake! Thank you Peak Physique, I look forward to continuing my new regimen throughout the year! "
Sean Flynn:
"I wanted to thank you and your team for working with me this past month. I'm very happy to see my cholesterol drop to a healthy level and below 200 for the first time that I can remember, certainly since 2002 where i had been over 260. I attribute this success to the workouts and diet that I followed over the month. I thanked Patrick and Vlad last night for the work - they were great to work with and pushed me well. Your entire business and those I dealt with were always of the highest professionalism: Devon, Angie, the massage, you and as mentioned Patrick and Vlad."
Gregor Andrade, Ph.D., Principal - AQR Capital Mgmt
"I feel better, have more energy, sleep better at night, haven't taken an antiacid since I started (used to pop them like them candy) and my clothes are looser."
Amy Jurkowitz
"The one month boot camp pushed me back into the shape I was when I competed athletically. Working out with a trainer 4 days a week was intense and rewarding. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to turn it up a gear!"
Bill Forrest:
"I have really enjoyed the learning process with your team (throughout the Boot Camp experience). I have been pleasantly surprised with how my body is reacting - I guess I needed the kick in the back side! I also want you to know that while I really like working with Earlando, I have found all of your guys to be highly skilled and a pleasure to work with."
Missy Didden:
"After a number of years away from the gym I knew that I needed to come back and I always loved coming to Peak. It was so wonderful that Dana remembered me when I called and told me about your program called Boot Camp.
I was concerned about coming back to such an intense sounding program after being away, but Dana and you assured me that I could do it and you both were right. It is intense but it is also fun at the same time. So many positive things happened during Boot Camp: lost weight, lost body fat, lost inches, and gained strength as well as stamina.

The trainers, Gerrit & Vlad were not intimidating like the images of a boot camp, but they were supportive, encouraging, challenged me to a point I have never been before and I enjoyed it so much that each successive day I looked forward to walking in to do it again. But Boot Camp was more than just physical training. The program Nutritionist, Angela always had meaningful information that not changed my eating habits during the program but for the rest of my life. My weight loss stopped and she showed me how by not consuming enough calories stops weight loss. Now I eat more, more of the right stuff and I am achieving the weight loss that I wanted all along.
Thank you for everything."
Bob Tomasetti & Kathy Fanning:
"Just a note to say thanks to you and your trainers for a great Boot Camp experience. We both were impressed with the overall variety of the workouts included in the program as well as the professionalism of your trainers. With a balance of discipline, humor, and cajoling Cooper, Shawn, and Csaba got us through each workout with a sense of accomplishment. Through their motivation and our hard work we managed to lose a substantial amount of weight and inches over the course of the last month. More importantly, we both have more flexibility and energy.
We would also like to thank Angela for her nutritional coaching as well Adam and Denise for their expert massages. Overall, a great team effort. We look forward to continuing our workouts at Peak Physique."
Liz H.:
"As someone who previously thought of an effective workout in terms of "no pain, no gain," I thought a typical "Boot Camp" approach would be the only way to get back into shape after the birth of my second child. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Peak Physique Boot Camp did not include a hostile drill sergeant and hundreds of push-ups. The approach is much more fun, motivating and manageable than I ever expected -- and still with great results. As a mother of a toddler and infant, I have noticed an increase in energy and strength, and even in my reaction time (important when your toddler loves to run!). I also appreciated that Angela, the nutrition specialist, took into account that I was nursing my new baby and was able to analyze my intake to help me make better food choices to increase lean muscle without reducing calories/ nutrients and jeopardizing my milk supply. Many thanks to you and Csaba for getting me back on track and keeping me motivated. I am happy to be closer to getting my pre-baby body back and now have hope that this is possible with your comprehensive approach to getting fit."
"You have a wonderful staff and I do enjoy coming to your gym. What great trainers - I look forward to working out with their motivating and pushing me. It's exactly what I need!"
Mr. John Black:
"Despite not having paid much attention to exercise, nutrition, or being physically fit during most of my adult life, I always knew that one day I would find myself in gym. After a few fruitless attempts exploring cookie cutter style chain gyms, I found myself meeting with Dominic Novak, owner of Peak Physique. I knew immediately that this was the right place for me to begin taking care of myself. I signed up for Peak's Boot Camp and never looked back. Over the past month, Dom's entire team has provided an extremely intense professional and educational program that surpassed my wildest expectations. Trainers Ty Peck and Csaba Pecsi were unbelievable in their ability to figure out what I needed to do and execute my training with perfection. As my month long Boot Camp winds down I look forward to working out at Peak Physique and continue the progress I have made so far."
Tiffany Offeiro:
"Personally, Boot Camp has been an entire change of daily life as far as nutrition, health, and physical appearance. All around, Ive been much more conscious of making my lifestyle a healthier one. I love it and have seen results in 3 weeks."
Deirdre and Ray Foote:
"The Boot Camp experience gave us the chance to focus as a couple on a rigorous Franconia and White Mountain week long expedition we had to prepare for. We climbed from Galehead to Zealand to Lakes of the Cloud Huts - a total of 30 miles in rain, lightning and muddy condtions. We traversed rocks, bogs, and river trails with 40 to 60 pounds on our backs. If we hadn't trained at Boot Camp with support of the Peak Physique trainers we never could have made such a challenging trek without a break. We had a blast because we were prepared by passionate professionals who make it their business to inspire and motivate on a daily basis."
"BOOTCAMP REALLY WAS GREAT!!! I can't say enough good things about the trainers...they dealt with me VERY well!!!"
Tina Ciecimirshi and son Evan:
"My son is an avid swimmer and water polo player whose training sessions at Peak Physique the past two years have enhanced his sports performance immensely. Through the workouts, my son has increased stamina, flexibility and strength which has helped him to stay injury free. His improved muscle strength, ability to sprint faster, more powerful swimming strokes, and endurance are keenly apparent. The trainers push him harder than he would ever be able to do on his own, and this has given him the confidence to know his body is capable of doing much more than he ever would have believed. During each session, my son is pushed to the limit, but he comes out with a smile on his face every time, having enjoyed each session and all of the trainers."
"I have really enjoyable experiences with Dominic, Dana and the entire team. Boot Camp is hard work and a little tortuous, but yes fun as well. Between the workouts, Angela's excellent nutritional guidance and my commitment to the diet, I am feeling great. You have built an amazing program and concept. Thank you so much! You guys are the very best!!"
Mary Jo:
"I want to tell you how fabulous Csaba has been. He has been the primary reason for any success that I may have had this month in Boot Camp. He certainly brings a depth of knowledge to the overall program, beyond just basic personal training. His overall expertise in fitness, health and nutrition has been instrumental in making this a good experience for me. In addition, his good nature and innate ability to know exactly how far/hard to push me has been right on the mark. Thank you."
John Watling:
"Congratulations to Dana and you on the 20th anniversary of Peak Physique. PP is a great facility and the commitment of the entire staff is most visible. Those of is who your clients are blessed to be able to come to PP for our training. The level of professionalism and expertise is something that we all treasure. I will continue to work on getting my knee back in shape and will very soon get back to my regular training. "